Project development

Development of documentation for selected equipment in accordance with the Regulation 18/79 Coll., Regulation 21/79 Coll., 132/2008 Coll., and selected equipment designed expressly in accordance with Regulation 309/2005 Coll. and equipment with valid technical conditions and regulations NTD A.S.I. Section I., TPE 10-40/1771/81, PK 1514/72 and OP 1513/72.

Technical design of the equipment

Development of technical documentation

Project documentation PD

  • Operational projects of piping, including elaboration of isometric drawings
  • Final detailed projects of apparatuses
  • Projects of individual tests
  • Projects of cleaning operations after installation
  • Projects of steel structures 

Operational projects for DPS PD
Incorporation of changes in documentation of real execution
Development of production documentation

  • Processing, storage, pressure tanks
  • Exchangers
  • Piping
  • Steel structures
  • Documentation of maintenance, repairs and reconstruction of the equipment

Stress calculations of apparatuses and pipe systems

Welding documentation