Ozonation units RUN AQUA-O3

Ozone is known as a strong oxidant and disinfectant.

That is why ozonation units RUN AQUA-O3 are designed for water disinfection and for oxidation of iron and organic substances in water.

Ozone is generated from oxygen.

There are several ways to produce ozone, the most common is the electrosynthesis, in which ozone is formed by electric discharge.

This method combines the possibility of obtaining high concentrations of ozone high productivity and relatively low energy.

Complete set (available composition)

Ozonation plants RUN AQUA-O3 can be equipped with:

           ozon generator;

           air compressors;

           static mixer;

           ozone gas detector;

           contact tank;

           ozone destructor;

           ozone concentration in water analyzer;

           valves with manual, pneumatic or electric actuators;

           piping made of carbon steel, stainless steel or plastic (PVC, PP, PE);

           supporting frame structures;

           process controller.

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