Reverse osmosis units RUN AQUA-RO

Reverse osmosis units RUN AQUA-RO are intended for production of partially or deeply desalinated water from surface or underground sources, also for sea water desalination.

Principle of operation of RUN AQUA-RO units is based on the application of reverse osmosis process, which uses special semi-permeable membranes allowing to reduce the dissolved salts content in water up to 90-99%.

There is a separation of a streams of water on membranes into permeate (the water passed through a membrane and partially cleared of dissolved mineral salts) and a concentrate (water enriched with the dissolved salts).

The water incoming to reverse osmosis unit, must be free from suspended and colloidal particles, ferric iron, manganese and free chlorine.

In some cases pH control or antiscalant dosing is required.

As pretreatment to reverse osmosis, usually are used the ultrafiltration or water filtration units.

Complete set (available composition)

The reverse osmosis unit RUN AQUA-RO includes:

           fine filters;

           high pressure pumps (pressure from 9 to 40 bars);

           RO membrane elements (from 1 to 100 membranes in one unit);

           pressure vessels (from 1 to 7 membranes in one pressure vessel);

           valves with manual, pneumatic or electric actuators;

           piping made of carbon steel, stainless steel or plastic (PVC, PP, PE);

           measuring instruments (pressure gauges, temperature gauges, flow meters, water quality control instruments, etc.);

           supporting frame structure;

           process controller.

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